Free+ 1 month Standard for free


  • Backups and restores
  •      Server 2005-2014 databases
  • Backup compression and
  •      deduplication
  • Full backups only


$10.00per agent/mo. (USD billed monthly)
$100 agent/yr. (billed annually)

  • Scheduled database backups
  • Full, Differential and Transaction
  •      log backups
  • Uploads backups to the
  •       Cloud Storage


$25.00 per agent/mo. (USD billed monthly)
$250 agent/yr. (billed annually)

  • 200 GB of the Cloud Storage
  • Additional servers at special
  •      discounted price
  • Priority Support
  • Can I change plans at anytime?

    Yes, you can! Upgrade or downgrade anytime from your SQL Cloud Backup customer portal.

  • What are agents?

    Agents are SQL Cloud Backup service instances installed on your Windows server where SQL Server works.

  • How does the 1-month trial work?

    When you activate the installed SQL Cloud Backup software on your server, you gen instant access to all features of the Standard plan. We do not require a credit card during the trial, so you can try SQL Cloud Backup obligation-free.

  • What happens at the trial end?

    Once your trial ends, your account will be switched to Free plan and you will miss a lot of usefull features, such as scheduled backups and an ability to store your backups off-site.

  • How will you bill me?

    We offer both monthly and annual billing. You pay credit card online when you choose the monthly billing, and can select an appropriate billing method (credit card, check, wire transfer etc.) when you choose annual billing.





1. Pricing

Monthly pricing Free $10 USD per agent/mo. $25 USD per agent/mo.
Annual pricing Free $100 USD per agent/yr. $250 USD per agent/yr.

2. General Features

Backup SQL Server 2005-2012 databases

Backup SQL Server 2005-2012 databases

The program supports all versions of MS SQL Server starting from the old SQL Server 2005 up to the most recent SQL Server 2012.
Scheduled backups      
Automatic backup integrity check      
Data deduplication      
Backup compression

Backup compression

Compression decreases backup file size and works together with data deduplication to ensure that the disk space used for storing backups is as little as possible.
Backup encryption

Backup encryption

Protect your data against unauthorized access using industry-standard AES-128 encryption. The encryption feature is available in the free edition of SQL Cloud Backup and for all subscription plans.
Differential and transaction log backups      
Multi-file database and FILESTREAM data backup      

3. Cloud backup features

Cloud backup service      
Automatic cloud backup integrity check      
Storage space   50GB 200GB
Maximum storage space   2000GB Unlimited
Retention period   3 month 6 months
Frequency (full backups)   every 6 hours every 3 hours
Frequency (differential backups)   every 3 hours hourly
Frequency (transaction log backups)

Frequency (transaction log backups)

Shows how often you can upload your transaction log backups to the cloud. Although transaction log backups can be made every 5 min or even more often, the cloud service will only accept a limited number of transaction log backups at a time.
  hourly every 15 minutes

4. Management

Email notifications      
Remote administration

Remote administration

Manage several SQL Cloud Backup agents installed across your network from a single console.
Summary reports

Summary reports

This shows whether and how often the user is sent summary reports about the backup process.
Notifications handled by the cloud server      

5. Support

Online support portal      
Email support   8x5 24x7
Phone support     24x5