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"I can honestly say that after trying other products what impressed me most about SQL Cloud Backup is its cloud service. It’s integrated right into the program, and you can put your backups onto the remote server literally in one click. The cloud service requires a subscription fee, but for me that wasn't an issue because I was looking for maximum security for my database backups."

Andy Malyshev,
ElcomSoft Co., Ltd.


SQL Cloud Backup

  • What is SQL Cloud Backup?

    SQL Cloud Backup is a solution for backing up your SQL Server databases that consists of two parts:

    • SQL Cloud Backup 2015 is desktop software that allows you to create, compress, encrypt and save your SQL Server backups onto a local disk.
    • Cloud backup service is seamlessly integrated into the software and allows you to upload your backups to cloud storage directly from within the software.
  • Why is the desktop software free? Is there a catch?

    No, there's no catch. We follow the ‘freemium’ business model. You can use the free desktop version of SQL Cloud Backup for as long as you want, and there are no one-time or recurring fees.

  • Will it remain free?

    SQL Cloud Backup 2015 will remain free. We are not planning to make it paid or limit the existing feature set in any way. You can continue using SQL Cloud Backup 2015 for as long as you want.

    However, we are planning to release an extended, premium version of SQL Cloud Backup software in the future. This software will have more advanced features.

  • How is your product different from the native MS SQL Server backup facility?

    SQL Cloud Backup is deeply integrated with the built-in MS SQL Server backup capabilities. It enhances them by making the backup process much more simple and straightforward. Our software uses only the documented integration APIs provided and approved by the Microsoft Corporation.

    Besides enhancing and simplifying the existing backup features, we have also added an optional cloud service. This service together with the SQL Cloud Backup software provides a complete and reliable solution for your SQL Server backup needs.

  • Do I have to pay for cloud service?

    No. SQL Cloud Backup 2015 is desktop software that has all the necessary features for you to create your backups manually or on a schedule, encrypt and then store them on the local disk. However, you can link the software with an online account and store your backups in the cloud in addition to your local storage. This online cloud storage is available for a small monthly fee, and you can choose a service plan that best fits your needs.

  • What makes your product different from those of your competitors?

    We offer a free product that contains almost 80% of the features of many paid alternatives. The cloud storage is optional and is offered for a small monthly fee. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time and continue using SQL Cloud Backup 2015.

  • What if I need more features than is offered by SQL Cloud Backup 2015?

    The premium version of SQL Cloud Backup software is coming soon. It will have a complete set of features that will satisfy the needs of even the most complex and challenging SQL Server environments.

  • How long will it take to restore my data in a worst-case scenario?

    You can restore your database from either a locally stored backup or its cloud copy. However, if your local backups are accidentally damaged or lost, the cloud copy will be your only hope. If you have to restore your database from a cloud copy, you must take into consideration the time it takes to download the backup. We always provide maximum available download speed, so downloading should not take much time.

  • How do I know that my backup is successful?

    The program runs an automatic integrity check every time a backup is created and notifies the user of any errors or inconsistencies in the backup copy.

  • What is your upgrade policy? Can I be sure that I can use SQL Cloud Backup 2015 in the future?

    SQL Cloud Backup 2015 will remain free with the feature set it has at this moment. We will make every effort to update the software, fix bugs and make sure it is compatible with new editions of SQL Server. It is in our interest to update this software and make it usable for thousands of DBAs for professional database backups.

  • Do you provide technical support for SQL Cloud Backup 2015?

    Yes, we provide regular e-mail technical support. Feel free to contact us with any issues or questions.

  • How to uninstall SQL Cloud Backup?

    To uninstall the SQL Cloud Backup or its components please do the following:

    • Open Windows Control Panel and run Program and Features applet (Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP and earlier)
    • Select SQL Cloud Backup in the list
    • Click Uninstall
    • Follow the on-screen instructions

Cloud backup service

  • What is cloud backup service?

    Cloud backup service is a paid option available for users of SQL Cloud Backup software. This option allows you to store your backups on a remote server in addition to storing them locally on your premises.

  • How is your service different from Dropbox and other similar cloud file hosting services?

    Our cloud backup service is powered by our own sophisticated server software that is integrated with its desktop counterpart and intelligently balances load and upload priorities among physical servers and datacenters according to users’ subscription plans. The service works together with the SQL Cloud backup desktop program and cannot be used for regular file hosting.

  • What is the primary benefit of your cloud backup offering?

    What is the primary benefit of your cloud backup offering? Our cloud backup offering is based on the premise that the best practice to store your backup copies is to store them away from working database files in case of force majeure situations such as fire or theft. Using the cloud backup service together with SQL Cloud Backup ensures that you have at least two backup copies located in two different places: the local on-site backup, and the cloud backup hundreds of miles away in protected storage accessible to you 24/7/365.

  • Where are your data centers located?

    Currently we use data centers located in the United States and Europe. When you upload your backups to the cloud the nearest data center is chosen automatically.

  • Do I have to upload my backups to the cloud manually?

    No. The program has seamless integration with your online account and works on the principle ‘set it and forget it’. All you have to do is to create a backup schedule, specify where to store the local backups, and point the program to your cloud account by entering your login and password. Everything else is taken care of by SQL Cloud Backup.

  • How do I enable cloud backup option?

    The cloud backup option is available right from the desktop program’s interface. When you subscribe to a cloud backup plan it literally requires you to click on a check box in the program settings and enter your online account credentials to start storing your backups on the cloud server in addition to making local copies.

  • Can I try your cloud backup service for free?

    Yes. When you install the SQL Cloud Backup software you automatically get a 1 month free subscription to our Free plan. Upload your backups to the cloud at no charge for the one month. After the trial period is over you can upgrade to a higher plan, continue with the Free plan at a very low monthly price or unsubscribe altogether and keep your backups locally – it’s entirely up to you.

  • Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, if you cancel your subscription before the next charge date, you will be refunded the pro-rated amount of money left on your account.


  • How secure is SQL Cloud Backup? Can I be sure that no one gains access to my data?

    It is absolutely secure. SQL Cloud Backup uses AES-256, which is an industry-standard encryption algorithm utilized by government institutions. The encryption is performed on two levels:

    • Locally when creating backups using SQL Cloud Backup 2015 software and saving them onto a local disk. This encryption is optional and you can disable it if you want.
    • Prior to uploading your backups to the cloud server. In this case the encryption is always on and cannot be disabled. This is to ensure that your data stored in the cloud is always confidential, regardless of your local settings.
  • How safe are my backups on the cloud server? Can I lose them?

    Your data is much safer with us than when it is stored locally on your premises. First, your backups are automatically replicated to two or more hard drives depending on your subscription plan. Second, starting from the Bronze subscription plan your backups are written to different physical servers. If one server fails, it is quickly replaced with a new one, and your backups are replicated onto the new server, thus ensuring the number of storage servers stays the same.

    Finally, our cloud storage is spread across large data centers throughout the world. For advanced subscription plans it is possible to store and sync your backups among data centers located on different continents for ultimate protection against natural and social disasters, such as floods, earthquakes or wars.

  • What if I have forgotten the encryption passphrase?

    Prior to being uploaded to the cloud server backups are always encrypted with a passphrase that only you know. We never store your passphrase anywhere and therefore we will not be able to help you to restore your database from a cloud backup if you forget your passphrase.

  • Can I upload my backup to the cloud unencrypted?

    No. The cloud backup encryption is automatic and cannot be disabled.