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Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. Announces Debut of Groundbreaking New Free SQL Cloud Backup Software

Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. has today announced the release of their innovative new free SQL Cloud Backup software for SQL Server databases.

Victoria, Seychelles, 27, March 2012 – Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. has today debuted their groundbreaking new free SQL Cloud Backup program, designed to provide SQL Server database users with access to free, customizable desktop backup software and optional cloud-based storage, as well as numerous other advantages.

CEO Mikhail Gerasimov states, “Our company has been offering solutions for SQL Server database management since 2003 and we possess all the necessary expertise in this field. SQL Cloud Backup is our new project and it is a very exciting endeavor for us, partly because the model we offer is new for the specific niche of SQL Server backup software. We believe that our solution will receive good initial response and we’ll make every effort to justify our customers’ expectations.”

This SQL Server backup solution offers several advantages for business users, as well as individuals. First, unlike competing technologies, SQL Cloud Backup is available at no cost for users who want to create local backups, and provides almost every feature included with paid software that can cost thousands of dollars. Users can create, compress, encrypt and save SQL Server backups directly to their local disk, at no cost whatsoever. There are no usage fees, no limited-time trials and no recurring or membership fees.

Second, this SQL database backup solution includes an optional cloud backup service in addition to the creation and storage of backups on the local disk. Five subscription plans are available with the premium cloud backup service, ranging from Free to Enterprise.

It also offers a browser-based control panel to access information about remaining storage space, view databases and see revisions. The cloud backup feature is directly tied to the local backup process, and requires nothing more than ticking a checkbox to ensure secure cloud backup.

According to Marat Magomedov, Marketing Director for Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc., “We believe that we have a strong edge against the competition for two reasons. First, our solution includes a free product that is straightforward and simple, and has most of the features found in expensive paid programs. Second, we bring the SQL Server backup to a new level by offering an optional cloud backup service seamlessly integrated with the desktop program. This is the core of our offering – a free product you can use to save your backups onto a local disk and additional cloud backup option for a small monthly or yearly fee, both tightly integrated.”

SQL Cloud Backup is simple, easy to use and provides powerful features, whether users opt for the free MS SQL Server backup version or choose to utilize the cloud backup capabilities. The powerful features offered within this SQL Server backup software are ideal for any small to medium business, and are expressly designed for businesses with a modest budget for IT needs. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars for a Microsoft SQL Server backup product – SQL Cloud Backup offers the utmost in security, usability, convenience and stability.

To find out more about SQL Cloud Backup and Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc., visit the product website at

About Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc.: Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. (formerly TulaSoft LLC) was founded in 2003. The company specializes in advanced solutions for DBAs and developers who operate SQL Servers. Their mission is to develop tools that simplify database backup, and automate the data migration and synchronization processes. The company believes in innovation and progress, as evidenced by their groundbreaking SQL Cloud Backup software.