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Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. releases new major version of successful backup tool, SQL Cloud Backup 2013

Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. announced the launch today of SQL Cloud Backup 2013, a new major version of their popular SQL Server backup tool. This concludes a year of intensive beta-testing and revision of the application. In developing the new version, special focus was placed on creating a reliable tool, where users can simply set up their desired backup schedule, and forget the program is even there.

SQL Cloud Backup allows SQL Server administrators to set up a backup schedule and let the application take care of everything, creating backup copies to disk, uploading copies to the cloud, carrying out data validation, automatically deleting old backups to conserve storage space, sending summary reports and error notifications, and more. If desired, the tool automatically uploads backup copies to a secure cloud-based server managed by Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. For users who only wish to back up data locally, there is a free version of the application.

One big consideration in developing SQL Cloud Backup was storage space. The application carries out deduplication both on the user’s local disk and in the cloud, so that each full backup stores new and modified data but does not rewrite data that has already been backed up. SQL Cloud Backup also compresses backups before storing, so users are able to conserve space on their local disk and utilise their cloud storage cost-effectively.

The release of SQL Cloud Backup 2013 follows a year of beta-testing, revisions and improvements. SQL Cloud Backup 2013 incorporates a whole range of new features. Users can carry out differential and transaction log backups (in addition to full backups), create multiple backup schedules for a single SQL Server, receive error reports and weekly summary reports and send these reports using the SQL Cloud Backup notification service (without the need to configure their own SMTP server). It also includes improved backup event and error tracking, and a custom expiration period for cloud backups, allowing users to forget about deleting old backup files in order to save space. The overriding focus in developing SQL Cloud Backup 2013 was on making it hassle-free for users, enabling them to simply “set and forget”.

SQL Cloud Backup works a layer above SQL Server’s built-in backup tools, providing a fully automated backup system, and convenient backup management and monitoring tools. It essentially allows users to backup however and whenever they like, automating a range of time-consuming manual processes in SQL Server, and offering comprehensive tracking and reporting tools. Multiple copies of all backups are stored on the cloud server, and it allows high-speed uploads and downloads.

SQL Cloud Backup 2013 offers many of the features of more expensive products such as Red Gate SQL Backup and Idera SQL Safe Backup, while being closer in price to products such as SQL Backup and FTP. It is also unique in offering cloud-based offsite backup as part of the solution.

The Standard Subscription Plan for SQL Cloud Backup 2013 is available for $10 per month, or $100 for a year, covering backups on three servers and 25GB of cloud storage. Users can purchase additional cloud storage space and further agent activations. On expiration of the trial period, the application can be used for free with cloud backup disabled and some other features removed.

Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. would like to extend their thanks to all the testers who took part in the beta-testing process, and the quality and robustness of SQL Cloud Backup 2013 is in no small part thanks to their diligence and feedback.

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