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Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. announces its new SQL Server Backup solution is coming soon

February 28, 2012

Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc., a developer of database management tools since 2003, officially announces that final enhancements will be made before its SQL Cloud Backup solution goes live.

Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. announces that the development of its SQL Cloud Backup solution for backing up SQL Server databases is entering into the final stage and will soon be available for beta testers.

SQL Cloud Backup includes a free desktop program that allows users to create SQL Server backups on schedule and save them onto a local or network disk. As an additional option, users can save their backups onto the cloud storage offered in one of five subscription plans.

The company’s Marketing Director and spokesperson, Marat Magomedov, says that SQL Cloud Backup has a good chance to win a fair share of the market due to the specifics of the product. SQL Cloud Backup utilizes the so-called ‘freemium’ model - the desktop version is offered for free, while the additional cloud backup option is paid. And the free version of the product has almost 80% of the features that can be seen in expensive paid alternatives, which in itself can seriously shift the existing balance in this market niche.

However, as Mr. Magomedov added, the freemium model is not the only advantage of SQL Cloud Backup. In addition to providing an excellent ROI for clients, emphasis is placed on providing simplicity and automating as many tasks as possible. The program takes care of the routine tasks, wherever possible requiring only the user’s assistance when absolutely necessary.

Finally, the accompanying cloud service is new for this market niche. The cloud service is integrated with the desktop software, and users can also access their cloud account via the web-browser in a full-featured Customer Portal. Storing the SQL Server backups in the cloud -- in addition to keeping local copies -- provides absolute safety and ultimate protection for a client's databases. The company put a lot of effort into making the cloud integration as simple as clicking one check box in the backup creation wizard.


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