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SQL Cloud Backup 2013 release

June 11, 2013

As the culmination of a year-long product development process of product improvement and rigorous testing, Intelligent Database Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of SQL Cloud Backup 2013, an SQL backup tool for SQL Server 2005-2012 databases. It’s fast, safe, highly efficient, and easier to use than ever. While we are excited about the new features available in this full release, we will also continue to offer support for the beta version.

Our innovative new “Set it and forget it” feature provides a convenient, user-friendly means of controlling and monitoring your backups that only has to be configured once and doesn’t require any complicated SQL coding. This feature performs scheduled backups, deletes outdated backups, uploads backups to the cloud, and verifies them with an additional checksum comparison. You can also set up email alerts, so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that if something does go wrong, you’ll be alerted immediately. You also have the option of setting up a weekly backup summary.

A key feature is offsite backup to the cloud to insure the safety of your data. You will always have access to your local backup, but your data will also be backed up to our proprietary cloud, in triplicate, on multiple disks and servers, just in case there is a problem. The servers are connected through a gigabit link providing high-speed data transmission to and from the cloud.

Another key improvement is data deduplication of full backups on both the local disk and the cloud. Instead of backing up the entire database at each scheduled backup, this feature allows incredible storage savings by backing up only the new data from each backup. In a typical use scenario, with a 50GB database that has a 100MB daily data turnover and daily scheduled backups, after the initial 50GB backup, subsequent backups only require 100MB a day, instead of a full 50GB for each daily backup required by the previous version. And backups are automatically compressed for even greater space savings. This means that 30 days worth of daily backups would require just 26.5GB, instead of 1.5TB. This represents an enormous savings in data storage space and costs.

Other new features make it possible to create differential and transaction log backup, in addition to the full backups supported by the previous version, to create multiple backup schedules for a single SQL server, to send error notifications and summary reports through the SQL Cloud Backup notification service (without SMTP server setup), to specify expirations for backups uploaded to the cloud, and provides superior backup event and error tracking notification capabilities.